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Australia has experienced a chronic shortage of Dermatologists for many years, particularly in rural and regional areas.

Teledermatologist provides an opportunity for Dermatologists to make a difference without the need to travel.

You can play a significant part in closing the gap in the provision of dermatological care to those without access.


Are you an FACD interested in working flexibly from home?

With Teledermatologist you can work flexibly as a consultant, either from home or your practice making it easier to work around the other commitments in your life.

Optimise your patient flow

You can now optimise your work flow with Teledermatologist. Cancellations and no-shows can cost your practice significantly in lost revenue, and waste your valuable time.

Teledermatologist can reduce the impact of those costly missed appointments by filling up those open slots in your schedule.

Teledermatologist patients in rural areas will benefit from your availability and you make the most of your time without losing income.
Once you identify that a patient has not shown up for their appointment just log into Teledermatologist and pick up a patient in the Teledermatologist virtual waiting room.

Or perhaps you are simply building up your patient base and could do with picking up additional patients.

We also are able to provide you with support via our coordinator by asking other consultants to Teledermatologist for a second opinion on challenging cases.

Whether you want to fill the ‘no show’ slots in your schedule, build your income, or want to work from home, you will be making a huge difference to your income and providing a much needed service¬†to¬†regional and outback communities without access to Dermatological care.


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