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What is Teledermatolgist? 


Established in 2017, Teledermatologist is a revolutionary Telehealth service. It has been helping meet the high demand for specialist Dermatological services in under-served rural and regional areas of Australia for the last two years.

Teledermatologist allows rural GP’s, Nurses and patients to connect with a Dermatologist far quicker and easier than has traditionally occurred. We provide rural communities with unprecedented and inexpensive access to a specialist Dermatologist quickly, without the need to travel long distances or endure a long wait for an appointment.

We’ve had an overwhelming response to this service and want to ensure all GPs and health clinics throughout rural and remote Australia are aware of and have access to this service.



Servicing Regional
& Rural Areas

This innovative service provides real time dermatology consultations to people without reasonable access to specialist services. Whether in a regional or rural area or for those unable to travel.



Teledermatologist consultations can cost less than a normal face to face Dermatology consultation. Medicare can provide up to a 150% patient rebate when using Teledermatologist.


Accessible, Fast
& Secure

Simply book an appointment directly or get referred through your local GP. Then you will be able to have a consultation with our specialists on your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Benefits to your Patients

Faster skin disorder identification & treatment. Potentially save lives by providing a more accurate diagnosis of certain skin cancers. No need to wait 4 - 8 weeks & drive hours for a 20 to 30 min consultation, thus patients don’t miss work, lose income & place additional financial burden on their household. A Telehealth patient rebate of 150% of the normal rebate means its less expensive for country patients than a face to face dermatologist consult!


Benefits to your Practice

Patients receive the highest level of care by referring to a ACD Dermatologist without them having to leave your Practice.

Increased revenue options by accessing Claim Item Numbers & Fees:

  • The attending RN or EN can claim Medicare item numbers 10983 - $32.40.

  • The attending Doctor can claim item number 2143 - $96.85 or 2195 - $142.50.

  • The Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap is $97.20 for participating patients.

  • The Patient receives 150% of the standard patient rebate so referring to Teledermatologist costs the patient significantly less than a face to face consultation.

Offering Teledermatology means greater convenience for patients and a competitive advantage for your Practice.


How it Works

To make the process as simple as possible for the GP and Practice, we have now developed an easier process for the GP or Nurse to follow in arranging a consultation.

Each participating GP Practice is allocated a one hour ‘Consult Window’ each fortnight or each month. The window can be extended if demand consistently exceeds the time allocated. A one hour window usually allows for between two to three patient consultations. The Consult Window allows our referring GPs to know with certainty when they can schedule their patients for consultation without disrupting the usual flow of their day. We find many patient consults occur in the Practice or Clinic, and are attended by nurse rather than the GP to reduce disruptions for the GP.

Provide Teledermatologist with patient photos and notes, then we provide a secure video conference link, connecting your patient with our specialist. Simply provide a patient referal and have your Nurse or other support staff to call or Teledermatology coordinator on 02 49608277 to arrange the consultation within your allocated Consult Window. We also provide an open clinic every Friday morning 9am to 10am for emergency consults.


Join Our Team


Become a Teledermatology Consultant

Australia has experienced a chronic shortage of Dermatologists for many years, particularly in rural and regional areas.

Teledermatologist provides an opportunity for Fellows of the ACD to make a real difference for country patients, without the necessity to make repeated or regular trips to remote locations.

You can play a significant part in closing the gap in the provision of dermatological care to those without access.


Contact Us

For further information or to book a Consult Window or direct TeleDermatologist consultation please call Tracey…

Phone: 02 4960 8277

Mobile: 0428 658 968