Real time on-demand teledermatology

Teledermatologist provides the link between specialist care and rural communities.

Servicing Regional & Rural Areas

This innovative service provides real time dermatology consultations to people without reasonable access to specialist services whether in a regional or rural area or for those unable to travel to a Dermatologist. With Teledermatologist, no longer are patients in regional and rural areas faced with the inconvenience and financial burden of having to travel long distances for specialist dermatology care.

Accessible, Fast & Secure

Accessible: Just call (02) 4960 8277 or download our App;

Dermatologist – Same day consultations.

Fast: We will endeavor to have you linked into a video consultation with a Dermatologist within 3 hours. You can ask your patient to return for the consult at the scheduled time.

Secure: We have developed a strong, secure App and records system behind the most up to date security systems available, using SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption authenticated by secure certificates and strict authority protocols.

GP / Patient

To Register and/or Request a Consultation with a Dermatologist

Download APP

Instructions for Accessing a Dermatologist

Visit the App store

Visit the App store on your mobile phone, download our App ‘Dermatologist’ and register your details. Then follow the simple steps to your consultation.

Request a consult

Once you are a registered user, tap on the “new case” button in the App and add your patient’s name, date of birth and photos. You will then receive a link in an email from Teledermatologist in your inbox. Click on that link to have a pre-consult video conference with our coordinator.

Coordinator check

Our coordinator will check the following:

  • photos you sent to us via the APP to ensure they are suitable for diagnosis
  • Take patient details including consents and payment details.
  • Request a detailed referral.

Our coordinator will then search for the next available Dermatologist and send through an email confirming the name of the Dermatologist, fees and time of the consultation as well as a link to the video conference with the Dermatologist.


Simply click on the link in the email from the Coordinator and join the Dermatologist for your video consultation.

How It Works

Real time, dermatology care

Teledermatologist allows the user to pick up their mobile phone, download the App, take relevant photos via the App and connect with our Teledermatologist coordinator.

Our coordinator organises the collection of patient information and arranges a consultation with a consulting dermatologist for the same day.

GP’s and remote or special care nurses will have unprecedent access to an Australian qualified dermatologist.

Whatever reason – disability or distance – those who are unable to travel to a Dermatologist can benefit from this service.

Now available Australia-wide.

About Us

Teledermatologist has been developed to address the chronic shortage of Dermatology services Australia wide.
In short, Teledermatologist allows the GP to pick up their favourite mobile device, download the App, take relevant photos via the App and connect with Teledermatologist coordinator. The coordinator immediately organises the collection of necessary patient information and arranges a consultation with a consulting Dermatologist for the same day.
The technology ‘Teledermatologist’ offers is revolutionary, and will allow those in need of Specialist Dermatologist services unprecedented quick access. It is specifically designed to be quick and easy for regional, rural and remote areas. GP’s and remote or special care nurses will have unprecedented access to an Australian qualified Dermatologist.
Teledermatologist also offers specialist Dermatological care to those unable to travel; for the mobility restricted and/or aged patients.
Teledermatologist is available across Australia.
Simply download our FREE App ‘Teledermatologist’ from either the Apple or Google Apps stores.