10 hot skin care tips for summer

With the weather heating up it’s a good time to revise your skin care regime to make sure that your skin stays safe and beautiful all summer long.

1. Keep up the SPF

With the number of sunscreens on the market there is no reason to not use a SPF 50+ every time you are in the sun. The newer formulas are comfortable and lighter than the heavy creams of years gone by so you’ll hardly notice you are wearing them.

2. Moisturise more often

You may find that your skin is dryer in the hot weather so consider tweaking your skin care to allow more frequent hydration.

3. Hydrate from the inside too

It’s important in summer to stay hydrated, and when you become dehydrated skin can often become duller and may look older. Keep a water bottle close by and keep topping up your internal moisture too!

4. Switch up your products

Many people find that their favourite thick creams and treatments are a little too rich for summer and can lead to breakouts. Try switching your products for lighter formulations such as serums and light moisturising oil mixes.

5. Slip on some wide sunnies

Not only do sunglasses look stylish, but they also help to protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Opt for a wide lens for maximum protection.

6. Remember the lip

It’s important for everyone, including men, to protect the delicate lip skin. Try using a lip balm with additional SPF to keep them safe now and in the future.

7. Check your clothing UPF

If you are planning to be in the sun all day it’s important to check how much sun protection your clothing offers. Many light t-shirts will not offer much protection and you can easily burn through them. Try looking for a UPF rating if you work in the sun or spend a lot of time outside gardening or doing sports.

8. Take a break

If you know it’s going to be a very hot day, consider rearranging your schedule to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day.

9. Opt for a gentler cleaning

If you find your skin struggles in the warmer weather, try switching to lighter, soap free cleansers and using lukewarm water.

10. See a dermatologist if you have any concerns

If you do notice any changes to your skin as you put away the winter clothes and pull out the summer clothes and bathing suits, you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible. They can help to identify issues and give you specific advice and product recommendations to help you have great summer skin.

If you don’t have a nearby dermatologist, TeleDermatologist is a great alternative. It allows people in any area of Australia to connect with a qualified dermatologist to get skin issues addressed. All it takes is a referral from your GP and you can connect with a qualified specialist. You can even get a 150% Medicare rebate for the consultation.