Rosacea treatment and relief for sufferers

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness and broken capillaries, as well as sometimes nodules that can be filled with pus, usually on the face. It can be uncomfortable and sufferers often get recurrent bouts of rosacea over many years. Many sufferers are embarrassed and try and hide the condition with cosmetics, but it is important to properly treat the condition to improve your skin condition and lessen the severity of outbreaks.

Get a diagnosis from a dermatologist

Unfortunately, the symptoms of rosacea have a lot in common with other skin issues such as allergic dermatitis, sun damage or even some forms of acne. It is important to get a proper diagnosis from a specialist in dermatology, so you can get a skin care plan and treatments that target the rosacea directly.

Switch up your skin care

Many people with rosacea need to use a more delicate skincare regime. Switching to alcohol and fragrance-free products can often help reduce the irritation to the skin. Some rosacea patients are also very sensitive to essential oils including peppermint oil which are common in ‘natural’ skin care, so it’s important to get product recommendations from your dermatologist.

Make some lifestyle changes

Other rosacea triggers for many people can include spicy foods and alcohol. Equally stress and poor sleep can also trigger outbreaks of rosacea. It can be a helpful thing to review your triggers and keep a skin diary to help track your triggers, to make relevant lifestyle changes.

Explore new rosacea treatments

There is a growing body of research into some of the causes of rosacea has looked in the role Helicobacter pylori bacteria (the same bacteria which causes stomach ulcers) plays in causing rosacea and some great results have been achieved by using Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy. You can discuss whether this treatment might be useful with a dermatology professional, who can review your specific medical history and skin condition and assess whether it’s suitable for you.

If you or a loved one suffer from rosacea but cannot see a local dermatologist, you should try the TeleDermatologist service. It allows people all around Australia to connect to a professional dermatologist online, with Medicare rebates available.